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Frequently Asked Questions

• How often should I use ANTI-BRASS shampoo and shine treatment?

The ANTI-BRASS line is not for a daily use. Start with one use a week and it can be used up to three times a week.

• How does ANTI-BRASS shampoo and shine treatment work?

The dyes in the ANTI-BRASS line have negatively charged ions that lay over the hair cuticle and washes out in one to three washes.

• Can ANTI-BRASS turn my hair blue/purple/green?

Overly porous hair around your hair line or ends of the hair can grab too ashy.  If this happens just wash with your daily shampoo. To prevent this simple coat these areas with your daily conditioner before applying the ANTI-BRASS shine treatment.
Which color would I use? Click here to contact us for a custom ANTI-BRASS regimen.

• Do I need to use conditioner when I use the ANTI-BRASS?

For most hair the shine treatment has enough detangling properties but you can follow the shine treatment with your daily conditioner if needed.

• What is TONAL-BALANCE return policy?

We know how hard you work for your money. If you are unhappy with your purchase we will offer a full refund if returned with in 14 days of your purchase. Please contact us.