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Tonal Balance's Groundbreaking ANTI-BRASS system is a must for balayaged babes everywhere!




Balayage & Brass…

(What you need to know)

    Balayage is a popular color styling technique in which the hair is painted, saturating the ends and feathering the color upwards toward the root.
    The transitional highlights in this coloring method almost always leave the hair with a warm or brassy undertone.
    Color specialists use a “cool-colored” gloss to counteract this natural occurrence.
    However, this color fix is only temporary, as the gloss can wash out in as little as a week and all hair is subject to oxidizing over time.



    Not sure which color to use?

    Send our team a photo of your hair for a custom ANTI-BRASS regimen! Be sure to choose "Send Us A Photo Of Your Hair" in the subject menu.


    The ANTI-BRASS system was created specifically for balayage

      Tonal Balance Anti-Brass Line brings color specialist balayage solutions right into your home without needing expensive follow-up salon treatments.
      Tonal Balance Anti-Brass Shampoo protects your balayage from harsh environmental elements and the inevitable oxidizing that occurs over time.
      Tonal Blanace Anti-Brass Gloss keeps your balayage balanced and beautiful with a salon shine.