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The Story

My love affair with salon life began years ago when I was just a 13 year old girl doing shampoos in the small suburban county of Bucks, PA. I took to the industry right away and worked my way up the ladder, learning the ins and outs while continuing my journey through school. I relocated to attend college in South Florida and by completion my calling was clear; Beauty School was the inevitable next step. It was here I found my ultimate passion, I was and still am obsessed with color! I honestly consider myself a hair-color “nerd”. I love everything about it; the chemistry, the correctional makeovers, the artistry, the change. I seriously get excited just talking about it!

Fast forward to today (married with two children, 10 glorious years behind the chair, and a whole lot of life), you’ll find me working color magic with my salon “fam” at the beautiful Salon Monaco in Boca Raton, Florida. Tonal Balance was a creative vision that came to me during a routine day in my salon home. It began with a simple solution, Green Shampoo…

We all know that pestering experience of “brassy” hair. As a stylist I have seen this problem time and time again, it’s a natural occurrence as color in hair oxidizes over time. Toner is used to counteract this process, keeping colored babes around the world “hair-happy” and brass free. The most common anti-brass shampoo is Purple, which is used specifically for blondes. But what about dark brunettes?!

I had a client come in with dark brown hair in need of color rescue. So, I lightened her up with a stunning balayage. Now here’s where we get to the “problem” and the Tonal Balance solution; in order to properly counteract her red brassy undertones, being that she was brunette and not blonde, it called for green toner. Green toner applied. Color-magic complete. Simple right?! But, as I gave her instructions to return for a toner touch up, it dawned on me that the home-care product of Green Shampoo didn’t exist. Insert a creative vision, a ton of research, an amazing chemist and Tonal Balance was born.