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Where My Flat Haired Girls At?

Posted by Faye Petti on

Flat, heavy haired girls everywhere rejoice. I have two words for you BASE. CRIMPING.  You are welcome in advance:)  One of my stylist friends in Philly turned me on to base crimping and I am obsessed.  It makes your hair full with out using a ton of products that make your hair feel dirty by the next day.


I personally have a ton of hair but it has ZERO body.  I use ANTI-BRASS PURPLE shampoo and shine treatment every other time  I wash my hair.  It makes my hair super smooth and balances my color but is ultra light weight. So it doesn’t add to my flat hair problem. I blow it out with a round brush then section the top my hair off. Allowing enough of a “veil” at least an inch on all sides (where your hair part as well as the hair line) to cover the crimping underneath.  I use the base crimper from BED HEAD ( $30).  I do 3 1/2 inch thick sections on each side as well the back.  Then back comb each section once and I am good to go the whole day.  My hair feels clean, shiny and the best part FULL!


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