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What Makes Tonal Balance ANTI-BRASS Purple shampoo different?

Posted by Faye Petti on

Hello out there!  The most common question being asked about the ANTI-BRASS line is “What makes your purple shampoo different?”  So I thought I would  write a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to break it down for you.  

ANTI-BRASS was created around the green line, out of nessecity.  There was no at home product I could recommend to keep the red out of my brunette clients hair.  I set out to change that and while I was at it I was going to make the best purple (and blue) shampoo the world had ever seen!!!! 

I have been a blonde my entire life and have tried every purple product on the market. They either make your color overly ashy,  don’t tone down the yellow enough, are super drying  and none of them added shine (full Goldielocks moment).  I designed the ANTI-BRASS Purple shampoo and shine treatment to mimic the toning glosses we use in the salon…

  • It is color balancing.  Noticabley toning the brass out of hair with out making is too ashy.
  • Non drying.  Cleanses the hair with out making it feel like straw.
  • SHINE!!!! Our shine treatment is where the magic happens.  Not emollient (oil) based like conditioner so it is ultra lightweight.  Adds a TON of shine and it fights frizz.


Now are you picturing me in my garage trying to figure out how to make this?  Nope, I know my way around a color room but I called in a big dog chemist, Dr. Joseph Cincotta (  to bring this project to life.  Dr. Joe has created products for John Freida, FRIZZ EASE and Sheer Blonde.  He is also on the formulation team at ColorWOW.  Dr. Joe knocked it out of the park bringing my vision for a “take home toner’ to fruition.  

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