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Stretching Your Highlights

Posted by Faye Petti on

Hey all my blonde bombshells out there! Today I want to talk about a topic that comes up a lot with my highlighted blonde clients, stretching your highlights.     There are two types of girls this comes up with...

The girl on the go. Whether you are a busy mom or young professional sometimes you just can’t get to the salon to sit for that full head you are way over due for.

The blondaholic. The girl who comes in every five weeks complaining “My hair is SO dark. I need highlights SO bad!” You have like half an inch of regrowth. You know who you are! LOL. Highlighting your hair with out enough regrowth will inevitably cause damage. No matter how careful your stylist is not to over lap.

Two things happen to highlighted hair over time.  You have new growth (roots) and your blonde oxidizes to yellow and look less bright AKA brassy. Fret no more ladies here is my fix for all of your highlight woes!  It will save you money over the course of the year on your bill at the salon and will save your hair from being over processed (damaged).

First lets address the root problem I use a product called New Blonde by Goldwell. It is a product used at the salon to “break” or lift your base one level.  This is not your mama’s base break ladies. Products like it that came before used to pull really warm. Not New Blonde, it just softens the look of your roots and adds a neutral tone. Tip for your stylist the direction say 5 minutes.  I leave it on my clients 12 minutes and its perfect! This service at my salon costs $30 and clients get another 3 to 4 weeks before needing highlights.

As for the dull, yellow mid shaft and ends. I have my light to platinum blonde clients use the ANTI-BRASS PURPLE shampoo and shine treatment by Tonal Balance at home 1 to 3 times a week. It mimics the toner/gloss services used at the salon. It neutralizes the yellow undertone that all blondes have and adds incredible shine to the hair. It leaves blondes balanced and beautiful between trips to the salon.




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