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How to get "Glam Curls"

Posted by Faye Petti on

 Hi ladies! Wedding season is right around the corner so I wanted to share with you my favorite curl for special occasion which I call “The Glam Curl”.  This is a great way to do something different for all of you girls who curl/beach wave your hair every time you walk out the door.  On my model I started by using the ANTI-BRASS BLUE shampoo and shine treatment to tone down the orange brassy undertone from old balayage. The results are pretty amazing:).


  •  spraying your hair with a flexible hold hair spay
  • section your “mohawk” , the top rectangular section off. 
  • split  your hair in to two sections down the middle in the back, the left and the right
  • in large sections curl your hair away from your face. So all the sections on the right side curl to the right (away from your face). All the sections of the left side curl to the left (away from your face). 
  • As you curl, gently remove your curling iron leaving your hair in a curl. Use a two prong clip (Sally’s or Amazon) to pin up. The pinning up is so important! It is not how the hair is heated but how it cools that will hold the style.
  • Split the mohawk in to three sections Curling back away from your face.
  • Spay your whole head with hairspray and let set for at least 15 minutes. The longer the better.
  • Remove the two prong clips. Do a far side part and brush the curls together.

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