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Going lighter for the summer

Posted by Faye Petti on

Summer is right around the color and you are ready to trade in that toned down, rooted look for some brightness.  Here are some tips and things to expect as you lighten up your winter locks…


Dimension= contrast

If you don’t want to be in the salon every 6 to 8 weeks, you want dimension at the root.  The more of  your natural hair color left out between foils the softer the grow out and longer you can go between trips to the salon.  If you want to go significantly lighter and still be low maintenance.  You will love my favorite service to do in the salon,  highlights with balayaged ends.  This gives you tons off brightness around your face but leaves a lot of dimension at the root, so it grows out beautifully.  Check out the progression over two sessions with one of my clients.


What to expect as you go lighter

  • To maintain the integrity of the hair it may take more than one session
  • Your stylist may use Olaplex or similar bond protector.  We charge for this at my salon but its necessary to maintain the integrity of the hair 
  • As your hair color “lifts” the warm underlying pigment will come out and your stylist will probably  use a cool toned  (purple/blue/green) Gloss to neutralize the brassy undertone.
  • The Gloss is semi-permanent and as it wears off your hair color will oxidize and get brassy.  To maintain the investment you made in your hair at the salon use ANTI-BRASS shampoo and shine treatment every other time you wash your hair in place of your daily shampoo and conditioner to balance your hair color and give it that salon fresh shine:) 

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