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Tonal Balance’s Revolutionary
ANTI-BRASS Shampoo & Shine Treatment

• Brassy hair is the unwanted yellow, orange, or red tones in hair color.
• Over time hair color oxidizes, releasing the warm underlying pigments that cause hair to become brassy.

To neutralize and balance the brassy tones, hair colorists use the opposite color on the color wheel.

Green will balance red tones in black to medium brown hair.



Blue counteracts orange tones in light brown to darkest blonde hair.



Purple neutralizes yellow tones in light to platinum blonde hair.



Tonal Balance Anti-Brass shampoo and shine treatment act as a take home toner. Providing instant color solutions for ALL hair colors and their brassy troubles.



The worst part about balayage is the brassiness I began to notice just a few weeks after my salon appointment.  I don't have the time or money for more frequent visits. Then I found anti-brass by tonal balance hair.  It maintains my color like no other product I have used before.  Can we also talk about the shine treatment!  OMG I am in love!

Green shampoo...who knew? I have searched high and low for a take home toner to work on my honey colored hair.  Finally something that works for my darker hair.  Anti-brass maintains my color while leaving my hair glossy and manageable.  #FoughtMyBrassAndWon

This is the product that I will be telling all my friends about.  If you have balayaged or highlighted hair this is a must.  Perfectly toned hair with shine just liked I walked out of the salon.